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Here Is Indisputable Proof That Fish Are Very Dumb

People have debated for years whether fish suffer when they’re caught. Do they feel pain? Are they intelligent enough to be traumatized by the situation? Do they go back and warn their kin about the dangers of biting into slightly-artificial looking worms?

Well, the debate is over. Fish are dumb. How do we know? A fisherman just posted footage of an incredibly trusting fish swimming back to him voluntarily after he released it. Think about that for a moment. The fisherman tricked the fish into biting into a razor sharp hook, he dragged it through the water against its will, and then he took it out of the water and almost suffocated it to death. That’s the equivalent of an evil aquatic ruler putting a hook into your burger, tricking you into biting it, and then dragging you down the road into the ocean. Would you befriend that person? Of course you wouldn’t. Because you’re intelligent. Fish are not.


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Source: Reddit / Photo Credit: Screenshot


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