Here Is How People Responded To NYPD’s Tweet About Eric Garner (Photos)


A Staten Island grand jury voted on Wednesday not to indict Officer Daniel Pantaleo for the death of Eric Garner.

In anticipation of the inevitable public backlash, Chief Joanne Jaffe, the NYPD's Chief of the Community Affairs Bureau, tweeted out this message:

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Unfortunately for Jaffe, though, the response to that tweet probably wasn’t what the NYPD was hoping for. Here are just a few replies, by way of Huffington Post:

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Garner, 43, died on July 17 after being placed in a chokehold by Officer Pantaleo. A witness on the scene was able to capture the entire incident on video, and in that clip, Garner could repeatedly be heard saying that he was not able to breathe.  

A medical examiner who reviewed Garner’s death eventually ruled it a homicide, citing that it was caused by “compression of the neck, compression of chest and prone positioning during restraint.”

After analyzing the evidence and testimonies presented, the grand jury ultimately decided there was not enough evidence to indict. 

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