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Here Is The ‘Discouraging’ Note This Mom Got From Her Child’s Teacher (Photo)

A mother decided to post a discouraging note sent to her by her son’s teacher on Facebook to gauge others’ reactions and to seek advice on how she should handle the situation.

Lori Garcia first posted the note written on her son’s homework assignment in orange marker on Facebook as a way to explore how she should respond to his teacher’s aggressiveness. As Garcia explains, parents are supposed to sign their child’s homework assignment to acknowledge that it was completed, but recently, Garcia completely forgot to do so for the first time since school started. Her son brought home the assignment and was afraid to show Garcia because of the large orange writing across it that informed them she was giving him an “Incomplete” grade because of the lack of parental signature.

“I get it. I get that my son’s teacher wants parents invested in checking off the completion of every assignment,” wrote the mom in a recent blog post about the incident. “I get that she wants parents to know what’s going on, but I’d like to believe this truth is evident by the quality of the work he turns in—by the nicely written penmanship, by his carefully written name scrolled across every worksheet (front and back), and by the parent-completed reading log.”

Garcia was admittedly outraged by the teacher’s reaction to her not signing the assignment, but instead of reacting right away, she decided to turn to Facebook to ask her friends for advice on how she should proceed. Quickly, the story spread on Facebook, and she started to receive advice from people, ranging from shared anger to sympathy for the teacher.

“Seriously, I would be in the Principal’s office then the district offices. Uncalled for!” wrote one Facebook user who took the side of anger.

“That’s inappropriate on the teacher’s behalf. I would have returned it with my signature in bigger letters and bolder color because I’m feisty like that,” wrote another more passive-aggressive commenter.

“Don’t take it personally. Assume the teacher is overwhelmed by the number of parents she is dealing with,” an understanding Facebook user advised.

After reading through all of the suggestions, Garcia decided to handle the situation face-to-face with the teacher in the hopes that she could make the rest of the school year better for her son.

“After reading through everyone’s comments and talking with my husband, I’ve decided a discreet face-to-face is in order,” Garcia wrote in her blog. “I intend to bring the note and simply ask whether she felt as if her response was necessary. I’ll explain the way the note made my son and me feel. I’ll ask that future communications be handled differently. But I won’t shame her. I won’t be rude or angry. I won’t sit down with the principal.

“Instead I’m choosing to trust that things will be handled better next time,” Garcia continued. “And of course, I’ll be sure to sign all homework assignments in the future. This is my son’s teacher, a woman I will be in contact with for the next seven months. I’ll need her grace as much in the future as she’ll need mine. And on the assumption my son’s teacher was simply having bad day; it doesn’t mean we have to have a bad school year.”

Do you think Garcia is handling the situation with her son’s teacher correctly?

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