Uncle's Gift To Woman Sparks Controversy After She Posts It Online (Photo)


Birthday gifts can be a great way to show your loved ones that you really and truly care about them. That is the way most people view them, at least. Some folks, however, see them as the perfect opportunity to poke at their relatives a little bit.

Case in point: A teacher in North Carolina got this gift from her uncle...

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Yup, it’s a check for $75 with a dedication to Darren Wilson in the memo line.

Wilson is the former Ferguson police officer who made international headlines when he was involved in the shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown. A Missouri grand jury ultimately decided not to indict him for the crime – something that deeply angered Brown’s supporters. By the looks of that tweet, it would appear that the niece is among those supporters.

It seems that the North Carolina teacher in question was legitimately offended by her uncle’s gift. Some say she should be able to take the joke for what it is. Others say her indignation is warranted. Decide for yourselves who is right. 

Sources: Conservative Tribune, YoungCons / Photo Credit: Conservative Tribune


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