Heroes Highlighted For Taking Out Texas Shooter

Heroes Highlighted For Taking Out Texas Shooter Promo Image

Following the shooting at a church in Texas that killed 27 people, two locals were praised as heroes for stopping the shooter from causing any more harm.

Summer Caddel, a Sutherland Springs, Texas, resident, said that her boyfriend called her just minutes after the shooting at First Baptist Church saying that he witnessed a gunfight between the shooter and a neighbor.

The boyfriend, Johnnie Langendorff, reportedly started chasing after the suspect when he got into an SUV and drove away. Caddel told KSAT that the chase ultimately ended near a sharp curve in the road, where authorities arrived and confronted him.

"The neighbor with the rifle came to my truck and he opened my door and said, ‘He just shot up the church,’ and got in," Langendorff told "Good Morning America," reports ABC News. "He said, ‘Chase him,’ so that’s what I did. I just chased him."

The neighbor was later identified as 55-year-old Stephen Willeford, who confronted shooter Devin Patrick Kelley prior to the chase. A resident told the Daily Mail that Willeford was alerted to the shooter when his daughter called him to tell him that someone had gone into the church and started shooting people.

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"It was an act now, ask questions later kind of deal," Langendorff told "Good Morning America" of his decision to chase Kelley.

"It wasn’t something that I needed to freak out about. The situation was, in a sense, under control and as long as I’m behind the wheel, I’m perfectly fine."

Kelley was found dead in his vehicle after police arrived, having allegedly shot himself. Langendorff was called a hero after his decision to chase the shooter.

"There was really no thought behind it," he said. "It was just, act to do what I thought was the right thing. The gentleman who got in my truck … all he really got out was, ‘He just shot up the church. Follow him.’ And, you know, that’s enough for me to do anything, anything to help these people or to run the bad man down."

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Many readers agreed that both men were heroes in a terrifying situation.

"Heres to more men who have the brass like Mr. Willeford and [Mr. Langendorff] to do what needs to be done. Sometimes facing violence with violence is the only answer," one Daily Mail reader commented.

"These guys are HEROES," another wrote.

Others, however, said that although the men were certainly heroes, there needed to be measures in place to prevent attacks like the shooting from happening.

"Whilst I agree that these two men were incredibly brave, I don't agree that carrying more guns would solve the problem. There needs to be stricter checks and laws about who can carry guns in the USA. I'm not saying take them all away, but better checks and regulations need to be made and enforced," one reader commented.

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