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Here Is The 911 Audio From The Night Intruders Broke In To MMA Fighter Joe Torrez's Home

Last week we told you about MMA fighter Joseph Torrez and his incredible home defense skills.

Torrez successfully fought off four men who broke into his home and were threatening to kill him and his family. One of the intruders died at the scene.

From the initial report:

[Leonard] Calvillo along with Nathan Avalos, Sal Garces and Raymond Garces broke into the home and Torrez's fiancé tried to hold the men back. A broken glass door and broken window were found at the home.

The men tossed furniture and then physically attacked Torrez. He was able to fight the men off and protect his family.

Sal Garces sustained stab wounds and died at the scene. Neighbors were alarmed by the body bag lying in the street.

Now, the 911 audio from the incident has been released. The call was made by a woman in Joseph’s home. The woman told the dispatcher that a “car full of people” arrived at their New Mexico home with violent intentions. She says Torrez’s children were hiding in a closet while he fought off the intruders.

The woman is then heard telling the dispatcher “There’s a guy in here laying on the floor...he’s an enemy obviously...he’s laying on the floor."

The man being described ended up dying. Another intruder suffered severe facial injuries while the other two men ran away from the home. They were all later arrested.

Here is the full eight minute video of the call:

Sources: Bloody Elbow, TMZ Sports


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