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HER ?????? LMAO

If you think anyone was after obviously know that it was Lyndy who thought she was getting my $1,500,000. horse facility when she decided to screw around with William Brown, the man she married who as you put it "only has the shirt on his back".  If you know the "good" Dr. then you should also know about her moving into my farm while I was out showing my horses and dogs.  She was my vet for 2 years and just assumed that the home, barn, and guest house/office belonged to Will.  As you must know she got a real slap in the face when I foreclosed on MY farm and put her and her husband Will out.  She even had the audacity to do an interview with the VA Pilot stating "I found a farm in Collosse with a new 10 stall barn, guest house, and newly remodeled 1800's farm house consisting of 4000sq ft (3 story) home"....hahahaha but I had the last laugh when she realized everything belonged to me and the only thing she got was "Will Brown" who I consider to be nothing more than a liabilty.  So kudos to ALL of you that think she (Lyndy) has worked all her life for what she has....she certainly isn't living in a farm like she thought she would be. She not only sucks as a vet but her morales an disregard for family and friends SUCK TOO!!!  She even sued me for $750,000 thinking she would bankrupt me but once again I had the last laugh....LOL

                                                                                                         Katherine L Cornett


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