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Girl Suffers Brain Damage After Being Bullied

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A teenage girl may not fully recover after being attacked by bullies at school.

Alyssa, now 16, was assaulted on two separate occasions in 2014 outside of Wood Intermediate School in Davenport, Iowa, the Daily Mail reports.

The first incident did not result in serious injuries. But the second attack left Alyssa with permanent brain damage, according to her mother, Mary Reyes.

Mary said her daughter hardly knew the bully and that she was constantly taunted and threatened before the physical attacks took place.

School officials were reportedly involved at the time, but failed to settle the dispute between the girls before it turned violent.

"It resulted in her having permanent damage to the left front lobe of her brain," Mary told WQAD, adding that her daughter will never be able to live independently due to the injury.

"Her head was slammed against the concrete ground, it was slammed into the locker multiple times, and she was dragged down the hall while she was beaten," Mary added.

Mary sent her daughter to live with relatives outside the Davenport school district.

Alyssa is not the only student who has been bullied at Wood Intermediate School. Zoey Miles, 13, had a similar experience, which was caught on video. The video was posted to Facebook in mid-March.

Zoey's father, Michael Miles, found out about the incident after watching the video.

"They're acting like it's no big deal," Michael said of the school. "It is a big deal. There is a bullying problem at that school. The kids that are being bullied and beaten up, they're not really being protected."

Mary saw the video of Zoey being bullied and decided to speak out.

"It was like deja vu all over again," she said.

A 14-year-old girl involved in the second attack on Alyssa was charged with assault, and is to remain on probation until she turns 18.

Sources: Daily Mail, WQAD / Photo Credit: WQAD via Daily Mail

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