Henry Rollins Targets Animal Abusers with TV Show


My anger is mostly a civically oriented one ... I am tired of the little guy getting bullied by the rich, the mean and the opportunistic.

Call him Morrissey on steroids. Henry Rollins—the oft-apoplectic musician, DJ, author, and actor—has been tapped to host Animal Underworld, a new show on the National Geographic Wild channel that will explore humans' relationships with exotic animals.

When those relationships turn abusive, you can expect Rollins, a self-described animal lover and "basically" vegetarian, to get testy. 

One of Rollins' scheduled stops is at Seligman, Arizona's Road Kill Café, a kitschy Route 66 tourist trap where the "road kill" (taxidermied wildlife) mostly adorns the walls, as opposed to the menu.

Nevertheless, we think it's safe to say that Rollins will give tourists something to take home on their iPhones.

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