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Oklahoma Man Denied "Hemp" Vanity License Plate

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By "Radical" Russ Belville

While those of us out West are enjoying 340,000 sq. ft. convention centers and huge concert venues with tens of thousands proclaiming the need for marijuana legalization, we must never forget our brothers and sisters in more tyrannical states where merely talking about hemp can bring unwarranted attention from the authorities…

…like Oklahoma, the state that once infamously sentenced medical marijuana patient Will Foster to 93 years in prison and once sent a cadre of narcotics officers to intercept a patient who wanted to speak to her representative about medical marijuana.

(KFOR) OKLAHOMA CITY — The state of Oklahoma says a local man can’t use the word “hemp” on his license plate. They’ve denied Tom Walker’s request for a personalized tag because the word “hemp” also refers to marijuana and therefore, “may be offensive to the general public.”

While industrial hemp and marijuana are in the same species, they’re largely different.

Industrial hemp is used to make biodegradable items like diapers, paper, food and clothing; it can’t give you the high like marijuana can.

Criminal defense attorney Chad Moody claims the state also denied his civil liberties when it shot down his request for a similar specialized tag on his Volkswagen van.

I wonder if I can get an Oklahoma plate for “MUGGLES”? I’ll tell them it’s a Harry Potter thing; they don’t need to know I mean it in the Louis Armstrong sense.

That’s how powerful marijuana is in addling the brains of those who don’t use it. So terrifying is the plant that we can’t even let the name of of its non-psychoactive cousin be seen. It’s why I always say that when we’re talking about it, we’re winning.

I certainly hope Oklahomans don’t discover the Oklahoma Sooners Nike Hemp Polo Shirt or the Oklahoma State Cowboys Men’s Hemp Necklace. And who knows what Oklahomans will do when they discover they were part of this nefarious plot to cultivate the plant for our efforts in World War II:

Click here to view the embedded video.

By far the most hysterical reaction comes from blogger Katrina Douglas:

Walker claims that it is not used for marijuana, but for saving the environment. He is not a pothead, but wants it legalized for industrial use.

Who is Walker kidding? If he were driving a Lincoln or a Cadillac, one might believe him, but guess what car he drives? He drives a Volkswagen bus covered in peace signs and flowers. So do you believe the message is to legalize hemp for industrial reasons?

Tom Walker is one of those people who see a way to challenge the system, and if he can’t have it his way, he will throw a legal fit, and sue. That’s what America has become. Americans and Tom Walker will sue to get their way. If he wants hemp on his license plate, he should move to California, because he won’t be welcome in the State of Oklahoma if he continues with his hippie nonsense.

By my count there are 183 different “specialty” license plates one can get in Oklahoma (not the lettering on the plate, but the entire plate design.) This is the state’s recognition of certain statuses codified on an official state license plate, like “Disabled American Veteran”, “Oklahoma State University”, or “Emergency Medical Tech”. But among the 183 designs are also political beliefs the state will allow on the plate design, like “National Rifle Association”, “In God We Trust”, and “Choose Life”. Somehow I think a “LUVGUNS”, “PRAZGOD”, and “NOABORT” vanity code on any of these plates wouldn’t raise an eyebrow among the people so freaked out by a “HEMP” code.

You’d think a state with a county named “Pottawatomie” would be a little more understanding.


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