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PETA: Treatment of Paul the Octopus Cruel

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As soccer fans all over the world are packing up their vuvuzelas, PETA Germany is petitioning for the retirement and release of Paul the prophetic octopus, who correctly chose the winners in eight match-ups, including Spain's win yesterday over the Netherlands. No one deserves to spend an entire life locked in a glass box, but if that's not reason enough to release Paul, here's a short list that should help PETA Germany make the case:

  1. Octopuses are great problem-solvers and have been shown to be the coconut-carrying geniuses of the sea. Would you keep Einstein in a cage?
  2. In the wild, Paul would have the opportunity to show off his interior decorating skills. Octopuses have been known to collect shiny ornaments that they find on the sea floor and place them around their homes.
  3. Paul could finally sleep. Octopuses like to siesta, and they might even dream, but it's hard to take a nap when people are pounding on your bedroom walls and shouting at you all day long.

Caring soccer and animal fans from all over the world would certainly celebrate the release of the World Cup's Most Valuable Octopus from his tiny, unnatural confines at the Sea Life center in Oberhausen. PETA Germany promises a vuvuzela-free celebration.

Posted by Karin Bennett


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