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PETA Rips CareerBuilder Over Super Bowl Commercial

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Cartoon chimpanzees are getting animated over on CareerBuilder's Facebook page right now, and we think you should join them! CareerBuilder just aired a Super Bowl ad in which it once again exploited chimpanzees in order to make the point that … wait, what point was it making? That it can find jobs for chimpanzees?

Anyway, the message we heard is that CareerBuilder is determined to keep using ape "actors" in its ads, despite the fact that the chimpanzees are stolen from their mothers as babies, threatened and beaten to make them perform, and shoved into small, filthy cages when they aren't out earning money for their trainers.

We want to show CareerBuilder how these apes feel about its cruel ads. You can join in the fun by changing your profile picture to one of these chimpanzee avatars and posting comments on the company's Facebook page about how awful it is to be abused by CareerBuilder. We can't wait to see what you come up with.

Written by Michelle Sherrow


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