Helmet-Mounted Footage Captures RPG Explosion Near US Convoy


Funker530 has just released a new video showing helmet-mounted footage from an intense firefight between members of a US convoy and Taliban attackers.

Funker530 regularly releases firsthand wartime footage as “part of an ongoing documentary of the war in Afghanistan.” This video somewhat unique because you can make out the Taliban firing position along a distant hill and a rocket-propelled grenade detonates about 20 meters in front of the lead vehicle.

The US warfighter uses an MK-19 automatic grenade launcher and an M240 7.62mm machine gun. He eventually runs out of ammo on the M240, forcing him to switch to an assault rifle.

The Taliban ambushers also brought some impressive firepower. An RPG explodes on the road at about the 2:00 mark. The blast may not be as visually impressive as you’d expect (Hollywood does tend to exaggerate these things), but YouTube user Ryan Raider adds, “rpg's spray a melted copper jet.. not much boom, but alot of bite. will cook a tank crew @ 1000+ degrees if it penetrates.”

The audio is a bit difficult to make out over the barks of gunfire, but you can hear the cameraman shout, “Get those rounds ready!” and “I’m out of ammo! I need ammo!”

The video helps to capture the intensity of authentic armed combat, which is so often lost in translation in news reports and press releases. It may not be very graphic with combatants firing at distant targets that are barely visible, but at least it’s an authentic portrayal of the conflict in Afghanistan.

Source: Funker530


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