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Helmet Maker Riddell Found Guilty of Negligence By Colorado Jury

A Colorado jury ruled on Saturday that helmet manufacturer Riddell was negligent in failing to warn people wearing its helmets about concussion dangers, and awarded $11.5 million to plaintiff Rhett Ridolfi and his family.

In 2008, Ridolfi suffered a concussion during football practice at Trinidad High School. He was not taken to the hospital, and as a result he is now is paralyzed on his left side and has severe brain damage. Several coaches and school administrators were also named in the suit.

Riddell will appeal the ruling. The company was found to be at fault for 27 percent of Ridolfi's injuries, meaning that it will pay $3.1 million of the damages, according to USA Today.

"While disappointed in the jury's decision not to fully exonerate Riddell, we are pleased the jury determined that Riddell's helmet was not defective in any way," the company said in a statement.

Frank Azar, Ridolfi's lawyer, plans on asking the judge to find Riddell responsible for paying all $11.5 million of the damages. “I think this jury has said they're in very serious trouble," said Azar, He is also representing between 10 and 20 former NFL players who are suing Riddell.

Riddell has said that it believes it designs and manufactures the most protective football headgear for athletes.

Sources: USA Today, KKTV


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