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Needy Children Receive Christmas Gifts From Fresno, California Hells Angels (Video)

A group of Hells Angels in Fresno, California, decided they wanted to give back to the community, so they reportedly went to a local Walmart store and purchased all of the bikes to give away to needy children.

The story, which has now gone viral, was first posted about on Reddit, and according to reports, members of the motorcycle gang waited in line for hours on Black Friday at Walmart to purchase every bicycle that was in the store. Instead of keeping them for themselves, however, the gang members donated them all to the Poverello House, a local organization that helps people who are homeless and hungry.

While the story has just gained traction this year, the toy purchase is actually a longstanding tradition for the local group of Hells Angels, and back in 2010, a member of the Fresno Hells Angels told a local news station about their annual toy run.

“People read what they want to read, and believe what they want to believe, we believe in these kids,” said secretary Merl Herfferman, according to Esquire. “We want to make sure to bring these toys here for these kids to have a great Christmas.”

“Very happy to work with the Hells Angels and their organization donating bikes to the Poverello House,” said the store’s manager, according to The Blaze.

In 2012, the Poverello House reportedly gave away 4,000 gifts to needy children on Christmas, thanks in part to the Hells Angels.

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