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Florida 'Hello Kitty' Rapist Sentenced

A Florida man known as the "Hello Kitty rapist" was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole at his sentencing hearing on Oct. 9.

Edgar Collazo, 25, was convicted of his sexual crimes on July 9 largely due to DNA evidence, WESH News reported. He was dubbed the "Hello Kitty rapist" because of a tattoo of the cartoon character on his arm, which investigators used to identify him.

His deviant acts date back to 2010, and he was eventually arrested in 2014, according to the NY Daily News.

In 2010, Collazo allegedly broke into an Afghanistan veteran's home and held a knife to her neck. He was never charged in this woman's case.

In 2012, he broke into another woman's home, tied her up, and raped her roommate, prosecutors said.

In 2014, Collazo reportedly tried to sexually assault a woman in the parking lot of an IHOP restaurant in Orlando.

A 13-year-old girl also reportedly accused Collazo of attacking her and holding her at knife-point, WFTV reported in July.

His DNA from the 2014 sexual assault matched the DNA from fingerprints left on a can of Febreeze from the 2012 attack, according to prosecutors. He allegedly used the Febreeze to cover up his crimes. This evidence allowed police to identify and arrest Collazo.

The emotional pleas the state presented on behalf of the victims during the sentencing hearing allegedly pushed the judge towards the harsh prison sentence, WESH noted.

The 2010 victim explained how she was trying to get her life back on track.

"I wanted to be an engineer, I wanted to be a model, (and) do so many things differently than what I'm doing now," she reportedly said in court. "I depend on sleeping pills."

Collazo's attorneys had asked for a lighter sentence following his convictions. They were not disputing his crimes, but rather wanted to portray their client in a more emotional light, as someone with a family.

"We want to focus on him as a father, a father of two young daughters," said lawyer Jamie Halscott. "We're here simply to ask for the court's mercy, to allow Mr. Collazo at some point to come back to his family."

On Oct. 9, Circuit Judge Robert Egan gave Collazo four life sentences for two counts of sexual assault and two counts of kidnapping, and an extra 37 years for two counts of burglary, robbery and assault.

He will not be eligible for parole.

Sources: New York Daily News, WESH News, WFTV News / Photo credit: WFTV News, police photo via WFTV


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