Helicopter Captures Deputy Apprehending Carjacking Suspect On Colorado Highway After Crime Spree (Video)


A Colorado carjacking suspect was apprehended by a sheriff’s deputy and some helpful motorists, and the ordeal was captured on a helicopter camera.

The suspect and a female accomplice reportedly went on a massive crime spree on Wednesday, and after a number of carjackings and break-ins, he was finally apprehended in the middle of a highway. The suspect was carrying around a large assault rifle and had stopped traffic on Interstate 70 to try and steal a car when Deputy Fred Haggett rode by on his motorcycle and pulled his weapon out on the suspect. It’s not clear if the deputy fired any shots, but the suspect immediately got scared and put down his weapon.

Instead of surrendering to police, however, he began to run. Haggett ran after him and eventually was able to apprehend him by grabbing hold of his shirt. A witness also ran over and helped Haggett hold the suspect down. The female suspect was arrested later on without incident.

During the couple’s crime spree, they reportedly targeted tourists and terrorized the area for hours until the incredible takedown by Deputy Haggett later in the day.

"Wednesday is a training day, so we have more deputies on duty," police spokeswoman Jacki Kelley said. "We were able to deploy a lot of resources into the area very quickly. It was just a relentless pursuit. We just continued to pursue the suspect until he eventually gave up. He just had no other choice."

Sources: TheBlaze, KDVR, Denver Post


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