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'Sound of Music' Star Heather Menzies-Urich Dies

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The harmonies of the singing von Trapp family just got a little softer.

Heather Menzies-Urich, who played daughter Louisa von Trapp in the 1965 blockbuster movie "The Sound of Music," has died.

Menzies-Urich, diagnosed with terminal brain cancer a month earlier, succumbed to the illness on Dec. 24, according to The Hollywood Reporter. She was 68 years old.

The widow of actor Robert Urich, who preceded her in death in 2002, Menzies-Urich died surrounded by her family, said her son Ryan Urich.

"She was an actress, a ballerina and loved living her life to the fullest," Ryan Urich said. "She was not in any pain, but ... she had enough and took her last breath on this earth at 7:22 p.m." 

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Ted Chaplin, president of the Rodgers and Hammerstein estate, called Menzies-Urich "part of 'the family" in a statement released on Dec. 25. Rogers and Hammerstein composed the musical on which the movie was based.

"Heather was a cheerful and positive member of the 'Sound of Music' family, always hoping for the next gathering," said Chaplin.

Menzies-Urich was 15 when she landed the role of the third-eldest of seven von Trapp children in the Oscar-winning musical, "The Sound of Music." The role, alongside lead actors Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer, was the most widely known role the Canadian-American actress played during her career.

Menzies-Urich also appeared with Julie Andrews in the film "Hawaii," released in 1966.

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She went on to appear in several films and TV projects over the next three decades, including the CBS series "Logan's Run," which ran in the late 1970s.

Other film roles include "How Sweet It Is!" (1968), "Piranha" (1978) and "Endangered Species" (1982).

Menzies-Urich married Robert Urich, film producer and star of the TV series "Vega$," in 1975. The two appeared together in "Vega$" and Urich's series from the 1980s, "Spenser: For Hire," according to IMDB.

After Robert Urich died from a rare form of cancer in 2002, Menzies-Urich created the Robert Urich Foundation to fund cancer research and support medical care for cancer patients.

Menzies-Urich is the second of the von Trapp children to die. Charmian Carr, who played eldest daughter Liesl von Trapp, died in 2016 at 73.

In a Twitter post on Dec. 24, Kym Karath, who played the role of the youngest daughter, Gretl von Trapp, said, "I am filled with infinite sadness tonight. My precious friend and ['Sound of Music'] sister Heather Menzies passed away this evening. Devastated."

Menzies-Urich is survived by three children and her grandchildren.

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