Heartwarming 'Prom-Proposal' Goes Viral (Video)


A high school girl got the surprise of her life when she was asked in front of the entire school to go to the prom with a sophomore football player.

Autumn Pollard, a junior at Corning High School in Corning, Arkansas, was doing her usual pep rally routine on the basketball court in front of the student body when she was suddenly told to turn around. When she did, she saw the words “Prom?” spelled out. Sophomore Cope Robinson appeared, holding flowers and walking towards her.

The touching moment was caught on video, and has since gone viral.

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“They turned me towards the words and here’s Cope walking to me with purple flowers, my favorite color,” Pollard said. The teen has Noonan Syndrome, a condition that impacts her heart and growth.

“Autumn, what are you gonna say? Are you gonna say yes?” the person filming the video asked. “Well tell him!”

“I can’t,” Pollard said, unable to hold back tears.

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Robinson attends the same church as Pollard, and said he hopes his “proposal” will teach students to be more accepting and inclusive.

“[I hope] more people see [the video] and be like that, instead of, ‘No, I’m not going to go with this kid, I’m not going to go with that kid,” he said. 

Sources: The Blaze, KAIT8 / Photo Credit: theblaze.com


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