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Heartless Burglars Stab Family Dog With Samurai Sword

Burglars in Phoenix broke into a family’s home and stabbed the family’s pet Shih Tzu. They apparently entered Kimberly Mims’ home Wednesday while she was at work, punching a hole through the wall and eating from the fridge. Electronics and clothing were also stolen.

“This is my first home that I’ve ever had. I worked hard for it,” the single mom said. “For somebody to come in and just violate me like this…it’s tearing me up on the inside."

Mims’ 17-year-old son discovered the mess upon coming home from school that day, and found Ka Knuckles in a closet just outside his kennel.

Though the family had left Ka Knuckles in the kennel and he was not threat to the burglars, he was mercilessly stabbed with a samurai sword belonging to Mims’ son.

“Material things can be replaced,” Mims said. “But my dog, it just doesn’t make sense.”

Mims currently lives in her home without homeowner’s insurance, and isn’t sure how to take the next step. She admitted to feeling uncomfortable in her suburban neighborhood, and has decided to stay with relatives until she and her son feel safe again.

Sources: NY Daily News, Arizona Central


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