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Heartbroken Father Seeking Justice For Son's Death Hopes Eyes Reveal Who Killed Him (Photos)

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A grieving father in Britain is hoping that his young son’s eyes and a portion of his brain — taken by police after the toddler’s tragic death — will lead investigators to the person that killed him.

Nicholas Harry’s 19-month-old son, Sam, died in April 2013 — four days after having his head smashed against a hard surface with extreme force while his mother, Deanna Buffham, and her boyfriend, Ryan Bate, were taking care of him. The toddler suffered a brain hemorrhage from the attack.

Police said that at least one of the two is responsible for baby Sam’s death, but neither can be charged individually because they blame each other and authorities have not been able to prove which person it was. 

“The police told me before Sam was cremated that they had retained one or both of his eyes and a sliver of his brain,” Harry said. “They called them ‘special remains.' An officer from the major crime unit told me they can tell an awful lot from the eyes but at the moment they can’t narrow the time of the attack down to a small enough window. They need to get it down to a 30-minute window because they know where each of them was during the night.”

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Harry said that police used scientists and special investigators from around the world to determine who killed his son, but have had no luck coming to a conclusion. Both Buffham and Bate were released in November of 2014 without being charged. 

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“The police have obviously had the best of the best working on this and they have already sent samples to Australia and America for testing,” he said. “There were 150 burst blood vessels in Sam’s one eye and 200 in the other — that’s how the police knew what sort of impact it was. But the key thing is the time-line. The detective said massive leaps happen in science all the time and he said it required a relatively small jump for this to happen. They have had people all over the world looking at it.”

Harry, heartbroken over the lack of justice in the case of his son’s death, admitted that he has little hope left that authorities will be able to determine whether his ex or her boyfriend was responsible. Despite the small chance of justice, however, Harry isn’t giving up.

He launched a petition to the British government to close the loophole that allows his ex and Bate to lie and avoid facing charges. So far, it has garnered 17,726 signatures.

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“I won’t give up on my campaign to get justice for Sam because me and my family live it every day of our lives,” he said. “Every time I visit my parents they end up in tears because Sam was their only grandchild. It’s impossible to move on.”

Sources: Daily Mirror, Metro

Photo Credit: Daily Mirror


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