Toddler's Face Mauled By 'Super Mean' Pit Bull


A Kentucky toddler was attacked by a pit bull and required at least 12 stitches on his face.

According to her account of the incident on GoFundMe, Brooklyn Moore went to visit a friend and took her 19-month-old son, Bryson, along. But then something terrible happened once they stepped inside the home.

“After we were invited inside, one of the children she was babysitting (who is 8) opened up the door to the cage right after she said 'this dog is super super mean.' As soon as the dog heard the door unlock, he pounced out and immediately started attacking my baby!” Brooklyn wrote.

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Brooklyn said she jumped on the pit bull to get it off her son.

“As me and my friend Rachel pulled the pit off it started attacking me! I shoved the dog off of me and it ran outside,” she explained.

But then things got even crazier.

“We ran outside as well because there was another pit loose inside. I was screaming and begging for help and one of the neighbors called the police,” Brooklyn wrote. “While we were outside the dog attacked me AGAIN on the same spot!”

Brooklyn was able to free herself from the dog and put Bryson in the car, where the pit bulls couldn't attack him again.

After police came, Brooklyn was able to ascertain the damage -- and it wasn't good.

“My friend, Rachel, was bit in the jaw, I was bit multiple times on my elbow and have 20+ stitches. My son has 12+ stitches on his face, staples on top and the back of his head; his left eye was bit and is swollen shut and is currently black,” she wrote.

Sadly, Brooklyn, who is only 16-years-old, according to the Daily Mail, said she doesn't have health insurance for her or her baby. She's now raising money on GoFundMe to pay for the medical bills.

“Mostly just asking for prayers, but our medical bills are OUTRAGEOUS,” she said. 

Sources: Brooklyn Moore/GoFundMe, Daily Mail / Photo credit: Brooklyn Moore/GoFundMe

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