Drivers Trying To Park In Disabled Spaces Get Big Shock (Video)

A non-profit organization in Russia is using a creative device to fight back against healthy drivers who ignore disabled parking signs and park wherever they want (video below).

In Russia, more than 30 percent of drivers who are not handicapped ignore the signs that designate parking for the disabled, according to non-profit organization Dislife.Ru.

The organization decided to do something about it by creating the “More Than a Sign” campaign, which uses holograms of handicapped people to dissuade healthy drivers from parking in spots designated for the disabled.

By using special cameras it has placed in shopping malls and business center parking lots across Moscow, including the largest mall in Europe, the group is able to detect official handicap stickers in car windshields.

When a car without the handicap sticker attempts to park where it should not, a hologram of a disabled person in a wheelchair appears before them with a message.

The "More Than a Sign" presentation video gives multiple examples of what the hologram may say to drivers:

Stop! What are you doing? I’m not just a sign on the ground!

Don’t pretend that I don’t exist.

Why are you surprised? This is a parking for the disabled.

Yes, I’m real.

Please find another place to park.

The goal of the program is to protect the rights of disabled persons, as the hologram explains in the video.

The drivers shown in the video react in different ways, with some being so curious that they park their car to inspect the hologram closely, others reversed their vehicle and presumably did park somewhere else. One driver recorded the hologram speaking to him.

“Parking signs mean nothing for many drivers in Russia,” Dislife.Ru founder Yuri Kovalev said, according to Digital Trends. “They prefer to forget about the people behind them. That is what we are fighting with in this project.”

Sources: Dislife.Ru/YouTube, Digital Trends / Photo credit: Dislife.Ru/YouTube

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