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Health Officials Thwart Neo-Nazi Takeover of N. Dakota Town Over Lack of Sewage And Water

Paul Craig Cobb’s dream to turn Leith, North Dakota, into a Neo-nazi, white supremacist enclave may be doomed because of sewage and water violations.

The Custer District Health Unit’s environmental health practitioner Aaron Johnson ordered Cobb to plan the installation of running water and sewage to his home. It is believed that Cobb has been using an old outhouse on the property.

He had five days to comply, which was up on Monday. Now his home will likely be declared uninhabitable.

“I don’t know how the situation will progress, but the notice has expired and there is no extension,” Johnson told Bismark Tribune.

Johnson said Cobb owns nine other properties with some structures and piles of junked cars and wood, which are under similar orders.

If his properties are condemned, Cobb’s plan to move neo-Nazis into Leith, which has a population of just 24 people, might be doomed.

Cobb, 61, invited one of the national’s largest neo-Nazi organizations, The National Socialist Movement (NSM), to the town last weekend. He owns dozens of properties in the area, some of which he has given away to white supremacist leaders. Cobb told the Vanguard News Network in 2012 that he intends to build an all-white society of racists in North Dakota “post haste” and rename Leith, Cobbsville.

Leith has many abandoned, run down structures, one of which is an abandoned creamery.

The state was in the process of condemning many of the structures that Cobb owns when he announced his intention to turn Leith into a neo-Nazi all-white down last summer.

Sources: Bismark Tribune, Raw Story


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