Headless, Handless Body Found Stuffed In Metal Drum In Pennsylvania In Murder Case


Authorities discovered the dismembered body of a man believed to be Gerald Paul VanDyke stuffed in a metal drum in rural Pennsylvania last week. The body was found without a head or a hand in Rockdale Township, Pennsylvania, near the home of Richard Alfred Houy, who has been arrested as a suspect in VanDyke’s murder. 

The police have not yet confirmed that the body is that of VanDyke, as they were unable to take fingerprints because of the body's missing hands. VanDyke, however, has been missing since September 14th. Authorities are running further DNA testing in order to confirm whether or not it was his body found in the bin. The autopsy of the body also discovered that “the man had been shot through the heart with a hunting arrow, and his aorta was punctured,” the NY Daily News reports. Houy was arrested for VanDyke's murder following the discovery near his home.

Houy is the father of Tina Skelton, VanDyke’s longtime girlfriend. The motivation behind Houy’s alleged murder has not been disclosed by authorities, but NBC News reports that the search warrant application regarding the case detailed that Skelton had told wanted to VanDyke that she wanted to end their relationship. Skelton then allegedly informed the authorities that her father had killed VanDyke and dismembered his body. 

Houy has been convicted on several charges, including criminal homicide. He is currently being held without bond in Pennyslvania’s Crawford County jail, as he awaits his trial.


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