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Head Cam Captures Mid-Air Plane Collision (Video)

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Nine skydivers and two pilots miraculously survived after two Cessna planes crashed together Saturday evening near Lake Superior.

Video footage of the crash shows one group of divers about to jump from the plane, when the two planes suddenly collide at 12,000 ft.

Fire erupts from the planes and sends three skydivers flying through the air. The remaining skydiver jumps from the plane as the pilot ejects himself.

“Looking around, we’re seeing the wing that came off,” Instructor Mike Robinson said. “We’re seeing it’s on fire, and there are just parts of the airplane floating in the air with us.”

Because the skydivers were falling faster than the airplane pieces, Robinson said his main concern was moving away from the crash site.

Despite damage to the propeller and wing, the second plane landed safely.

“It might’ve been a lot worse, Robinson said. “Everybody, to a person, responded just as they should, including the pilots.”

One pilot suffered minor injuries, and some skydivers walked away with bruises and muscle soreness.

The Federal Aviation Administration is currently investigating into the cause of the event.

Sources: Metro, Mirror


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