Canadian Parents Call For Improved Supervision After Their 6-Year-Old Son Was Attacked On School Bus


A school district in Canada is investigating an unprovoked attack on a 6-year-old boy by another student.

Joshua Goulet, who is a first grader at St. Maria Goretti School in Edmonton, Alberta, was on his way home when a fellow student pushed his head into a window causing the boy’s head to bleed, National Post reports. The two were not in the same class.

“He punched me in the face, punched me on the mouth, he kicked me in the face, then he whacked my head,” Joshua says.

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His mother, Sheila Goulet, said no parents should have to see their child come home from school covered with blood and bandages.

“He was repeatedly punched. He was kicked. And his head was banged against the bus window until finally it was banged hard enough that it caused a cut in the back of his head, and he bled quite badly,” she told Global News. “He’s been terrified ever since. Scared to come to school. Scared to ride the bus. Scared to be alone, to go to sleep.”

A spokeswoman with Edmonton Catholic Schools says footage of the incident shows the attack was unprovoked.

The school bus was delayed for 35 minutes and Sheila and her husband did not know why it was taking longer than usual for their son to come home. The bus driver apparently stopped the bus to administer first aid.

A manager from the bus company hurried to the bus stop to explain to Joshua’s parents what had happened. The Goulets didn’t hear from the school until 5 p.m.

The other boy has been given a one-week suspension from school and suspended from using the bus service indefinitely.

But the Goulets are now calling for better supervision on the bus.

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