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'He Looked Like A Zombie': California Woman Says Blood-Covered Man Attacked Her And Family Members (Video)

Police in Hesperia, California, arrested a Los Angeles man Tuesday after the man allegedly chased a group of women from a city park, yelling at them while covered in blood. 

“He looked like a zombie,” Jessica Corrales, 24, told KCAL News. 

One of Corrales’ companions that day captured a portion of the incident with her cellphone and turned the video (shown below) over to KCAL.

Corrales told KCAL she had been in the park with her mother, 2-year-old niece and another woman when the man approached them.  

The cellphone video opens after the group had run from the park to Hesperia City Hall, to get away from the man. 

In the shaky video the man can be seen standing in the building’s doorway shouting, before chasing the women down the hall. In a brief moment in video the young girl and her grandmother can be seen cowering in a corner. 

Authorities who spoke with the Hesperia Star said the man hit the grandmother and attempted to take the child from her. 

Corrales said the man was slapping his blood-covered hands on the women and rubbing the blood all over them. She said she decided she had to fight back. 

“I just saw my mom with blood on her … And my niece. So then I said, OK, somebody needs to do something,” Corrales told KCAL. “So I saw some folding chairs, I picked up the chair and I just started beating him with it.”

City employees soon rushed to the scene and tackled the man and held him until authorities arrived. 

The man has since been identified as 30-year-old Reginald Peralta of Los Angeles. 

After investigating the incident further, police told KCAL that Peralta had earlier gotten into an altercation with a man who was skateboarding with his dog near the park. Police said Peralta kicked the man’s dog several times and the skateboarder retaliated by hitting Peralta in the head with the skateboard. 

Peralta was taken to a nearby hospital to have his injuries treated, then was booked into the High Desert Detention Center, according to Victor Valley News. 

He has been charged with kidnapping, assault and animal cruelty and was last reported to be still in custody, held on $130,000 bail. 

Police said they are unsure at this point if drugs or alcohol were involved in the incident.

Sources: KCAL News, YouTube, Hesperia Star, Victor Valley News

Photo Credit: Screen shot from YouTube


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