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'He Did The Right Thing': Officer Pays For Homeless Pregnant Couple To Stay At A Hotel

A Virginia Beach police officer went above and beyond to help a homeless couple seek shelter.

Austin Earlycutt and his 8-months pregnant fiancee Renee Forbes had been sleeping in their car for the past few weeks when they decided to call the Virginia Beach Police Department to see if could help them find shelter for the night, WTKR reports.

Officer Joshua Massel was called to the scene at the County View Mobile Home Park on Nov. 15.

“He went through his supervisor, went through the Rolodex of potential help and in each and every case, it turned up that beds were full,” Massel's supervisor, Captain Patrick Gallagher, told WTKR.

But Massel didn’t give up. He opted to pay for a night at a Virginia Beach hotel to get Earlycutt and Forbes out of the cold and into some shelter.

“He went into his pocket and got money that he works hard for to pay for a night,” said Earlycutt, whose fiancee has diabetes. “We are absolutely grateful for that, we really are.”

Capt. Gallagher sung Massel’s praises after the good deed.

“He did the right thing and we are extremely proud,” Gallagher added. “At least in the mind of two people last night, they saw the true spirit of the Virginia Beach Police Department.”

The Virginia Beach Police Department also took to Facebook to recognize Massel’s actions.

“Officer Massel did not do this for personal recognition, but because he felt it was the right thing to do,” the post read. “This is a prime example of the true spirit of police officers in Virginia Beach and around the country that too often goes unreported and unnoticed.”

Sources: WTKR, The Virginian Pilot / Photo credit: Screenshot from WTKR

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