Hawaiian Surfer And Model Smiles Through Arraignment For Attempted Murder Charges

Earlier this month, Opposing Views told you about the Hawaiian model and surfer who attacked a 73-year-old woman in road rage-fueled incident. Now, the 30-year-old woman is facing second-degree attempted murder charges and while in court, her constant smirking made it clear that she did not take the arraignment very seriously.

Jill Hansen, a professional surfer and model, followed 73-year-old Elizabeth Conklin to her apartment, and when the woman got out of her car, Hansen ran her down. As she backed up to run her over a second time, an apartment complex employee who saw the incident grabbed a crowbar and smashed out Hansen’s back window. Hansen immediately fled the scene and was later arrested. Reports say that Hansen has a history of driving issues, and a neighborhood watch member even sent a letter to others in the community to warn them of Hansen’s driving.

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“We needed everybody on the lookout for her - that's how scary it was,” said the watch member. “All 500 members were eventually brought into the loop of this situation because it was so serious. There were probably over half a dozen people that had been adversely affected by her driving. Two people almost run over by her, one person almost had a head-on collision with her.”

Since the incident involving Conklin, Hansen has been in jail on a $1 million bail. Reports claim that she, at one point, tried to escape from prison.

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“She tried to slip out behind someone who was walking through the door,” said jail spokesperson Toni Schwartz. “Thanks to the quick actions of our staff, they immediately grabbed her and stopped her from getting any further.”

During her arraignment earlier this week, Hansen appeared unfazed by everything and smiled through the entire proceeding. She pleaded not guilty to the charges against her. Conklin, Hansen’s victim, was treated for serious injuries following the incident and says that she barely remembers what happened.

Sources: ABC News, Daily Mail


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