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Hawaiian Man Shows Off His Surfing Pig (Video)

Kai Holt, a resident of Hawaii, recently showed off his pig "Kamapua'a" who loves surfing.

Holt says he found the piglet on the beach a few months ago when it ventured into his cabana. Holt took the pig home where the small animal accidentally fell into the pool.

"I had no idea that pigs could swim," Holt told KGMB (video below).

Kamapua'a enjoyed being in the water so Holt started taking him surfing on Sandy Beach.

The pig sits on Holt's board while they ride small waves.

"I think he enjoys it, you know," added Holt. "He really gets off on it. It seems like he's having a good time when he's out there. I think it makes him happy."

Kamapua'a can even handle wipeouts.

"You know, surfing is Hawaii's gift to the world," stated Holt. "It's like true happiness, you know, and that's what this guy does. Everywhere he goes he makes people smile and laugh. He just brings joy to the world."

The little pig even has some big sponsors.

Kamapua'a gets free surf boards from Costco, special clothing from Local Motion and he got a Go Pro camera from the Bike Factory, notes The Daily Mail.

"Hopefully Costco makes a bigger board," joked Holt. "We're going to need a 12-0 [12-foot-long board] in about three months."

Sources: The Daily Mail and KGMB


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