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Hawaii Woman Arrested After Dunking Egg Beater In Lava (Photo)

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Hawaii woman Ruth Crawford was arrested on Thursday after she visited the lava flow creeping across the state’s Puna region and dunked household objects into the 2,000 degree lava for fun.

Crawford and her friends drove to the flow, where many onlookers had set up lawn chairs outside the police-enforced barriers to watch, and allegedly trespassed to coat golf clubs, forks, coins, an eggbeater and a number of other objects in the lava. Altogether, Crawford and her friend Stephen Koch had dipped 15 items.

After telling local media about the adventure, Crawford and Koch were arrested. They were charged with second-degree criminal trespassing and released on $250 bail.

Crawford, 59, said it was embarrassing to have a mug shot on the Internet at her age.

“We shouldn’t have done it,” Crawford said. “I feel awkward because we got arrested.”

Crawford noted that she wasn’t thinking about the potential dangers associated with her activities.

“[I went] just because it’s lava and I’ve been here 23 years,” Crawford said. “I was kind of excited and scared and just wanted to do it.”

Though the lava is slow-moving, officials say it’s still dangerous. Unpredictable methane gas explosions could shake the ground and throw debris into the air, according to authorities, which could then cause an onlooker to lose their balance and fall into the lava.

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Sources: The Huffington Post, KHON 2


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