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Hawaii: Wahiawa Woman Wounds 2 Robbery Suspects

Two suspected robbers were seriously wounded Tuesday by a woman police said may have been defending herself and her wounded boyfriend.

The shooting happened on Kilea Place in Wahiawa Heights at about 10:20 Tuesday night.

Police said two men armed with guns and zip-ties approached the home, which was rented by the couple and their two young children.

One of the suspects’ guns went off during a struggle with the male resident. The resident was slightly wounded. Police say the woman brought out a handgun and fired after she said one of the suspects pointed his gun at her. Police say there was an exchange of gunfire.

Neighbor Lita Romualdo said at first she thought the noise was fireworks, but then heard multiple shots in rapid succession. “So I ran to the bedroom and said, ‘Hey that is gun!’ And my husband says, ‘Nah, it is firework.’ And I said you better get out over there.” She said she feared bullets would come through her house, which was just yards from the shootout.

Police say robbery suspects Shane Reginald Flores, 38, and Floyd Orsborn, 23, were both hit more than once. Orsborn was listed in critical condition Wednesday night.

They were arrested after police pulled over the alleged getaway car on Kamehameha Highway. Also arrested was the alleged getaway driver, Robert Logsdon III, 31.

The three suspect are being investigated for possible charges of first-degree attempted murder. The woman who shot two of them has not been arrested.

Prosecutor Peter Carlisle says Hawaii law allows a person to use deadly force to defend themselves or others, if they fear they are in serious danger.

“You cannot use a gun to defend property. It has to be in response to deadly force,” Carlisle said. He was not commenting directly on the Wahiawa case.

This was the second time the couple faced robbers in their home. Last year, police reported two victims were tied up and robbed in the house by four armed suspects. Neighbors said after that incident the couple reassured them that it was a purely random incident, and nothing like that would ever happen again.


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