Hawaii Scuba Attack Caught on Video

It looks like something from a James Bond movie. A stranger in scuba gear suddenly attacks another diver.

That's exactly what happened last Thursday to coral reef consultant Rene Umberger, who was diving with her camera crew off Hawaii's Kona coast, noted Hypervocal.com.

They were filming some damaged coral reefs fifty feet below the surface when they spotted two scuba divers (video below).

One of the scuba divers swam away, while the other swam towards Umberger and disconnected her air supply hose.

Fortunately, Umberger was able to re-connect her hose and breathe again, but the diver made another threatening move.

“This man needs to be arrested," Umberger told Hawaii News Now. "I think this man needs to be arrested immediately for attempted murder.”

“I honestly thought he was coming back for a second attack,” added Umberger. “I got up on the boat and I said oh my God, someone just tried to kill me underwater.”

"An inexperienced diver would likely panic," said Umberger. "Either panic from the stress of the situation and shoot for the surface. They may panic because their air source is missing and they can't find it."

"Any of those things causes a diver to shoot for the surface and those incidents often lead to death. Never in a million years. Never in a million years did I think that someone would attack like that, especially from such a distance. It's not like we were close up or in their face."

Umberger says she knows who the suspect is. The State Division of Conservation and Resources Enforcement is reviewing the video.

Sources: Hawaii News Now and Hypervocal.com


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