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Hawaii Police Union Prez Tenari Maafala Vows Never To Enforce Law Permitting Same Sex Marriage

The president of Hawaii’s police union, who is also an active duty cop, told the Hawaii state legislature Monday that he would rather die than enforce a law allowing same sex couples to get married.

The legislature is hearing testimony from the public on SB1, a bill that would make Hawaii the 15th state to legalize marriage between couples of the same sex. But opponents of the bill are attempting what’s being called a “citizen’s filibuster,” hoping to have so many people testify against the bill that time will run out on the special legislative session called to consider it.

Approximately 5,000 people signed up to testify and have tied up the proceedings with 50 hours of talking so far.

But it was Honoluu police officer Tenari Maafala who grabbed the spotlight with his impassioned stand in favor of denying gay couples the right to marry.

After describing himself as a law-abiding citizen who respects all laws, he told legislators that with regard to the same sex marriage bill, “I will never, ever honor such law.”

Maafala (pictured) then took his opposition to gay marriage to another level.

“You would have to kill me to disrespect and dishonor my father in heaven,” he said. “You would have to kill me to impose these types of laws upon my children and my nieces and my nephews. That’s what I’m saying.”

Maafala went on to criticize Hawaii’s Democratic Governor Neil Abercrombie for what Maafala said was rushing the bill to the legislature.

“An injustice has been served on the LGBT people,” said Maafala. “He has not given them a chance to put something on the table to address their needs.”

It wasn’t clear from Maafala’s testimony what he meant by his call to allow the LGBT community to “put something on the table,” since the bill would allow LGBT people to legally marry same-sex partners in Hawaii.

See Maafala’s testimony in the video below.

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