Hawaii Offers Homeless People One Way Ticket to Mainland


Hawaii is well known for its high cost of living, low wages and lack of affordable housing.

As a result, Hawaii's homeless population has increased to the highest rate in the country.

Hawaii has decided not to build more homeless shelters, but rather fly homeless people off the islands on a one way ticket, notes CivilBeat.com.

The state has budgeted $100,000 for the next two years for its “return-to-home” program.

In this attempt to relocate 17,000 homeless persons and drop them from taxpayer care, Hawaii's Department of Human Services is now facing a new problem. They are worried that non-homeless people will get a free plane ride.

To get their free plane trip to the mainland, the homeless must sign an agreement saying they will only participate in the program once and are doing so voluntarily.

However, some cities have used similar "voluntary" programs in which homeless people were told by the police that they could either go to jail or leave town.

State Rep. Rida Cabanilla, who fought for the law, claims that even if the homeless return after a few months, the state will have saved thousands of dollars on food, shelter and medical costs, which will be shifted to another state.

Source: CivilBeat.com


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