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Hawaii May Purchase Failing Slaughterhouse

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A controversial new bill in Hawaii may have taxpayers footing the bill to bail out a financially troubled slaughterhouse, no matter how they may feel about its harm to the environment and animals or how unprofitable it is.

Animals killed for food are often scalded, skinned, and dismembered while still conscious.

Senate Bill 249, which would make Hawaii the first state to own a slaughterhouse, allocates $1.6 million in taxpayer money for the purchase of the Hawaii Livestock Cooperative slaughterhouse in Kapolei. The slaughterhouse has already received millions of dollars in loans and grants from the government, although Hawaii currently has a billion-dollar deficit. The plant is also in an environmentally sensitive area close to the ocean, where waste runoff could damage coral reefs and kill fish.

Please take a moment to send an e-mail to Hawaii's representatives and urge them to vote against purchasing this slaughterhouse and for preserving Hawaii's environment and protecting animals from abuse.

Written by Michelle Sherrow


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