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Hawaii Cop Slams Man, Takes Cell Phone From Witness (Video)

Honolulu, Hawaii, Police Officer Siave Seti Jr. was recently caught on a cell phone video slamming Eric Musrasrik to the ground.

Isa Lucky, a friend of Musrasrik, filmed the incident (video below).

"I don't want it to happen to anybody else. Nobody deserves to go through that type of treatment especially from the HPD," Musrasrik told Hawaii News Now.

"I went to record him because I can feel that's one bad cop right there," added Lucky.

Musrasrik claimed that Officer Seti grabbed Lucky's cell phone, but he [Musrasrik] got it back.

"That constitutes trying to destroy evidence. That's private property. There's absolutely no basis to seize the phone," stated Myles Breiner, Musrasrik's attorney.

Musrasrik has filed a criminal complaint, and is probably going to file a civil lawsuit.

Officer Seti had his gun taken away and is on desk duty while the Hawaii Police Department investigates, noted The Huffington Post.

Sources: The Huffington Post, Hawaii News Now
Image Credit: Hawaii News Now Screenshot


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