Hawaii Boat Captain Killed By Swordfish He Was Trying To Catch

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A Hawaii boat captain lost his life after being impaled by a swordfish.

With a speargun in hand, Randy Llanes, 47, who ran a deep sea fishing charter, jumped into Kailua-Kona’s Honokohau Harbor to catch a broadbill swordfish Friday morning.

Llanes never made it out of the water alive.

“All we know is the next thing they know, the man is seen floating,” said West Hawaii Acting Battalion Chief John Whitman of Hawaii County's Fire Department.

While trying to shoot the swordfish, Llanes was punctured in his right upper torso, reports New York Daily News. He was rushed to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Acting Sgt. David Matsushima of the Kona Patrol told CNN affiliate KHON that "the fish got wrapped around a mooring anchor, came back and swam at him."

The swordfish was reportedly about six feet long and weighed around 40 pounds.

Whitman said swordfish slayings are not entirely uncommon.

“They are very aggressive animals," Whitman said. "If you mess with them they defend themselves pretty good.”

Sources: New York Daily News, CNN

Photo Credit: KHON


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