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Hawaii Bank Robbers Post Pictures With Their Cash On Facebook

Two teenagers who robbed banks earlier this year posted pictures of themselves holding stolen money on Facebook, helping Hawaii officials track them down.

Marcus Kalani Watson, 19, and Rogussia Eddie Allen Danielson, 19, was caught by the FBI after committing a series of armed robberies in Oahu, according to the Hawaii Reporter.

Near the end of April, he posted a picture of himself holding thick stacks of cash as his cover photo, just two days after a robbery occurred at a recycling center.

Watson allegedly threatened employees with a black semi-automatic gun during the robbery and wore a black ski mask and a dark hooded jacket. He stole hundreds of dollars in cash.

Then in May, Watson stole about $7,000 from an American Savings Bank. With the money, he allegedly bought a Lexus and covered the cost of a root canal, all in cash.

Less than two weeks later Watson and Danielson robbed another bank together. The pair reportedly stole more than $21,000 that day and posted more pictures of themselves with cash after the incident.

Another teenager joined the team for another bank robbery soon after. And the group stole thousands of dollars more.

Police and FBI agents reportedly joined forces to track the robbers, and FBI agents even tracked Watson on a flight, sitting beside him until the plane landed and then arresting him.

“Solving these robberies was a particular priority for the FBI and the Honolulu Police Department because of the escalated level of threatened violence involved,"

said FBI agent Viva Bottom.

The three individuals are now being charged for the robberies and face up to 20 years in prison.

Source: Hawaii Reporter


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