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Family Discovers End Of The Rainbow (Photos)

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A Wisconsin family shared a lighthearted moment when they spotted a beautiful rainbow in the sky after a rainstorm and decided to see where it ended.

Jessica Schinke of Chipewa, Wisconsin, said she was at her sister's home with her 5-year-old son, Theodore Schinke, on June 7 when it began to rain, the Daily Mail reports. The child asked his mother if he could play outside with his two teenaged cousins, 15-year-old Alexandria and 17-year-old Victoria.

"It was raining and my son was begging to play in the rain – of course we said yes, then we saw the rainbow out in the field," Jessica said, according to the Daily Mail.

The delighted family members decided to follow the rainbow to see if they could find the spot where it ended. They eventually discovered the end of the rainbow in a farmer's field, but much to their disappointment the proverbial pot of gold was nowhere to be seen.

Jessica took photos of the children at the end of the rainbow in order to capture the heartwarming moment.

"It was amazing to see two teenage girls running and laughing in the rain instead of sitting inside with their faces glued to their phones," she said. "It was an amazing moment. The rainbow was only that close for a minute."

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According to Science For Kids, rainbows are optical illusions created by drops of moisture in the air. When white light passes through the raindrops, it is refracted into many different colors and appears in the sky as a rainbow. It is often unclear where a rainbow ends, because observers can only see part of it.

The Bible claims that God created rainbows as a way to promise Noah that he would never destroy the Earth with a flood again, Science For Kids notes. 

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Sources: Daily Mail, Science For Kids / Photo Credit: Cater News Agency/Daily Mail

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