Have they searched "Death Valley" specifically the area called "crystal" or perhaps "funeral Mountains?"


 I am wondering if Josh has not been giving clues all along as to her where-abouts.  It almost seems like he is the type of person that is amused with what he can get away with...it seems like he keeps throwing tidbits out thinking no one will catch him...and chuckling to himself about his deceit.  I think that they need to pay closer attention to what he says.  The interview where the reporter asks him where he went camping..he says..with MUCH hesitation.."we went to the uh..the uh..pony express.." I am sorry, that was a lie.  So if he is clever enough to come up with such a lie on camera..imagine what he is clever enough to do to Susan.  I just think there are more clues than we are seeing.  I think she is in a mine shaft but not where he says he was or anywhere near the "campsite."  I think they need to focus on places..like "death valley" and other places.  I also wonder if she wasn't dead before he even went out there..and he lowered her into the shaft while his boys where there, thus the reason the boy said "Mommy's in the mine looking for crystals."  That is sick..and for what reason is he allowed to keep his boys?  That is insane to me..they should have this man in jail..I mean come on...how can this even be possible that he is roaming free with those boys? They could end up "looking for crystals" with Mommy...and that will be an unforgiveable crime that law enforcement has put on themselves by putting those precious children in danger.  I think anyone even SUSPECTED of such a horrific crime should be seperated from their children until it is sorted...just for everyone's safety.  Just an opinion.


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