Hate Crime Suspect: 'Allergic To Black People' (Video)

Andy Benavidez was charged with a hate crime after allegedly yelling racial slurs and assaulting a black man in Iowa City, Iowa, on March 13 (video below).

Police say Benavidez told them he wore a surgical mask because he was "allergic to black people" and feared catching their germs, notes KGAN.

The African-American victim told the cops that Benavidez called him racial names and assaulted him. Benavides reportedly told police his only motivation in fighting the victim was because he was black.

Benavidez was charged with assault-violation of individual rights, a hate crime.

On KGAN's Facebook page, some commenters blamed Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump:

"The police probably made him take off his 'Make America Great Again' hat for the mug shot."

"Wow...whole new level of crazy! Good job Trump!"

"I bet he is a Trump supporter!"

In another incident, one man threatened a politician. A man in Matthews, North Carolina, is accused of calling the office of Democratic Sen. Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut and threatening to kill him, notes WBTV.

Rowland Edwin Dodge Jr. allegedly called Blumenthal's office on March 9, and told an intern that he wanted to speak to the lawmaker.

The intern offered to take a message, and quoted Dodge as saying, "Tell Senator Blumenthal that if he raises my taxes one cent, just one penny, that I will kill that motherf-----. I will shoot his motherf------ brains out."

The intern said she asked Dodge for his name and ZIP code, but he hung up on her. The intern then called the U.S. Capitol Police and told them what happened.

Telephone records reportedly tracked the call down to Dodge's home, which FBI agents visited on March 10.

Dodge reportedly admitted to the agents that the telephone number on the records was his, but told the agents that he could not recall if he phoned Blumenthal's office 24 hours hours earlier.

A warrant was issued for Dodge with charges of threatening to assault, kidnap or murder a United States official. He was booked into the Mecklenburg County jail on March 15.

Sources: KGAN, KGAN CBS 2/Facebook, WBTV / Photo credit: KGAN via YouTube

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