Has the FBI Captured Famed Criminal DB Cooper?


It's a legendary case that has captured the imagination of armchair crime aficionados for decades.

A mystery hijacker -- calling himself Dan Cooper -- boards a Northwest flight in Portland, Oregon on the night of Nov. 24, 1971. He commandeers the Seattle-bound plane, claiming he has dynamite. In Seattle, he demands $200,000 and four parachutes.

Once Cooper receives his ransom money and releases 36 hostages, he takes off for Mexico. But the man, more popularly known as "DB Cooper," jumps out of the plane over Washington and disappears. Although part of the ransom money is discovered by a young boy in the area in 1980, DB Cooper is never found.

Perhaps until now.

The FBI says it may have tracked down one of the most elusive figures in American crime history. According to The Daily Mail, the Bureau has revealed it is testing the fingerprints of a man who could be that of DB Cooper.

Despite numerous suspects down through the years, the FBI says this new suspect is "looking like our most promising one to date."

"We do actually have a new suspect we're looking at," said, FBI spokesman Ayn Dietrich, who admitted there is a new twist in the ongoing investigation. It comes from a credible lead who came to our attention recently via a law enforcement colleague."

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