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Shark Attack Leaves 13-Year-Old Boy Seriously Injured

A 13-year-old boy from Florida has been left with serious injuries after a shark bit him in shallow waters on May 29 at Neptune Beach.

The boy and his stepfather were in only 2 feet of water when the attack occurred, CBS News reports.

Many witnessed the incident, and people nearby helped carry the injured teenager from the water.

"This lady runs in the water carries this boy," said witness Lou DeMark. "All you see is just blood, dripping and dripping out for about 50 feet."

At about 5 to 6 feet long, the shark itself was not that large, but authorities say the animal left the boy with serious injuries.

Officials say the boy’s cuts were about 8 inches long, with wounds evident on his calf and the back of his right knee. The wounds should not be life-threatening and he is now reportedly in stable condition.

This is not the first shark attack to capture national attention in over Memorial Day weekend.

In California, Newport Beach closed its Corona Del Mar Beach to swimming and surfing after a woman was bitten by what was likely a great white shark on May 29, reports KCAL.

The victim is believed to be between 40 and 50 years old and is expected to survive. She is currently being treated at a hospital for injuries consistent with a great white shark attack.

“We do suspect the victim was bitten by a shark, but haven’t been able to confirm that because we had no other witnesses and there was no reported shark sighting before the incident or after,” said Chief Lifeguard Rob Williams of the Newport Beach Fire Department’s Marine Operations Division, the City of Newport Beach May 30 press release said. “We are treating this as a shark-bite incident and are asking everyone to please stay out of the water in the closure area. We’ve resumed our search of the water by boat this morning and a police helicopter will be also helping us.”  

Sources: CBS News, KCAL, City of Newport Beach / Photo credit: Terry Goss via Wikimedia Commons

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