Harrison, Arkansas Resident Raises 'Anti-Racist Is A Code Word For Anti-White' Billboard


An anonymous resident of Harrison, Arkansas has bought billboard space and posted a sign saying “Anti-Racist is a Code Word for Anti-White.”

The phrase comes from the popular white supremacist message “The Mantra” which says the world’s “race problem” would be fixed if each ethnicity was restricted to their homelands and barred from assimilating.

The sign is leased through Harrison Sign. Co. The owner of the sign company, Claude West says that regardless of his opinion on the sign’s message, he will let the leaser display the sign.

“Regardless of the opinion a person holds, or what I think about that opinion, I believe he or she has a right to express it,” West said.

In response to the sign, the mayor of Harrison released a statement condemning both the sign company and the person renting the billboard space.

“While the clients that are responsible for the sign are exercising their freedom of speech, the mayor’s office considers the content inflammatory, distasteful and not in line with the truth on how Harrison is a city of welcoming and tolerant citizens,” the mayor’s office said. “The owners of the signage, who I am unaware of, and the owners of the structure, which I understand is the Harrison Sign Co., should be ashamed to display such antiquated ideology and hatred that adversely affects Harrison as a whole.”

Harrison, Arkansas is an overwhelmingly white town. The demographics of the town break down as follows: 35,624 white residents, 113 black residents.

In 1980, the Knights of the Klu Klux Klan moved their headquarters to Harrison.

ESPN radio was renting out a sign above the Anti-White message, but removed their ad immediately after seeing the new sign.

The Harrison town chamber of commerce and a community race relations task force are considering renting out the vacant space above the message and posting a “Love Thy Neighbor” billboard in response. 

Source: Raw Story, The Mantra


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