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Harris Teeter in North Carolina Being Boycotted For Allowing Concealed Weapons To Be Carried in Store

After complaints about a man carrying a gun in a Greensboro, North Carolina, Harris Teeter store fell on deaf ears, some shoppers are now boycotting the store until they ban concealed carry weapons.

Lisa Fullington was shopping in her local Harris Teeter grocery store a couple of weeks ago when she saw a man walking around with a gun strapped to his hip. Fullington says she felt threatened by the man and immediately went to seek out a manager. Right off the bat, Fullington says that she was told it was not against the law in North Carolina to carry a concealed weapon and that they wouldn’t do anything about it.

“I don't think you need to bring your gun into a grocery store, a shopping center, and I'm a little peeved that Harris Teeter can't put up a sign that says no arms, concealed or otherwise, allowed in the store," says Fullington, who claims she’s been a loyal Harris Teeter shopper for years, but will no longer be shopping there. “I'm not joking, I'm not going there. I think it's dangerous to shop there," she said incredibly. "I just can't imagine that they want people in their stores, it's dangerous! I mean, those people, I don't know who is trained and who isn't.”

Fellow Harris Teeter shopper Lee Atkinson agrees, saying that she too will boycott the store.

“It's a place I go all the time, so I can't solve all the places where people are with guns but I can start where I shop,” says Atkinson. “I don't want to be in a place where people are packing a lot of guns. I don't want the possibility of bullets whizzing past my head.”

Others don’t quite agree with Fullington and Atkinson, however, and say that putting up a sign will do nothing to prevent someone who wants to commit an act of violence using a gun to do so in the store. 

Source: WFMY News 2


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