Harley Davidson Stands Up for Gun Rights in Indiana


In an effort to show its support for the Second Amendment, Harley-Davidson of Bloomington stepped up to the Herald-Times in disagreement with its new searchable database of concealed carry permit holders.

In a press release issued December 10, the company stated that “Harley-Davidson of Bloomington believes in freedom and is a strong supporter of Second Amendment rights. Many of our staff members are gun owners and/or permit holders. We believe the decision of the Herald-Times, a valued business partner, to publish a searchable database of permit holders in the state of Indiana by street, is an unnecessary and dangerous practice.”

NRA-ILA sincerely thanks Harley-Davidson of Bloomington for its strong support of our right to keep and bear arms. Indiana gun owners appreciate the company standing up against the Bloomington Herald-Times’ misguided publishing of a database of law-abiding right-to-carry permit holders.


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