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Harlem Church’s Shocking Sign: ‘Obama Has Released The Homo Demons’ (Video)

An anti-gay Harlem church posted a bizarre sign accusing President Barack Obama of waging a war against heterosexual black men.

“Obama has released the homo demons on the black man,” reads the sign outside ATLAH World Missionary Church. “Look out black woman. A white homo may take your man.”

The church's pastor, James David Manning, has a history of spreading anti-Obama and anti-gay messages. Previously the sign read, “The blood of Jesus against Obama history made 4 Nov 2008 a Taliban Muslim illegally elected president USA: Hussein.”

In his latest ministry video posted online Wednesday, Manning calls Obama “perverted” and “the son of Satan.”

“It’s an attempt to save the black family,” Manning said of the sign. “There is a major problem in the black family with the absence of black fathers, black husbands.”

"Black women are having a hard time finding black men to marry,” he said.

He claims Obama promotes the "catastrophic crisis of the absence of males in the home" in the African-American community because he wants to “destroy the black family.”

He cites the fact that the first openly gay professional athlete and openly gay NFL hopeful are both black.

"Looking at the conclusive proof," he said, "no white homosexuals have come out in the sports arena."

Rochelle Hill, who leaves a block away from ATLAH told the New York Daily News the neighborhood is tired of Manning’s messages.

“It’s just appalling,” said Hill, who claims she and others will rally to force Manning to take down the sign. “It’s a poor representation of our neighborhood. It’s just hate.”

“A church is supposed to be a place that’s all inclusive,” said Harlem resident Ronald Flagg. “What does Obama have to do with people being homosexual? He has enough to deal with in this country.” 

Sources: Village Voice, New York Daily News


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