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Hannah Anderson Gives First Interview About Kidnapping (Video)

Hannah Anderson, 16, gave her first interview to the "Today" show in a segment that is to air on Thursday morning.

Anderson was kidnapped by James DiMaggio after he reportedly killed her mother and her eight-year-old brother. DiMaggio took Anderson from San Diego to a remote campground in Idaho and held her captive for a week.

Four horseback riders saw her and DiMaggio in the "River of No Return Wilderness" area and later called police after seeing her picture on TV. That tip led authorities to DiMaggio who was shot and killed by a FBI Hostage Rescue team on August 10, noted the Daily Mail.

"In the beginning, I was a victim but now, knowing everyone out there who is helping me, I'd consider myself a survivor, instead. My mom raised me to be strong," Anderson told NBC's "Today" show (video below).

When asked why she had exchanged text messages with DiMaggio prior to her kidnapping, Anderson said it was to arrange for him to pick her up at a cheerleading camp.

"And he didn't know the address or what, like, where I was. So I had to tell him the address and tell him that I was gonna be in the gym and not in front of the school," she said. "Just so he knew where to come get me."

Anderson says she didn't learn her mother Christina and brother Ethan had died until after she was rescued.

The family of DiMaggio is asking for a DNA sample from Anderson because they believe she is DiMaggio's biological daughter and Ethan was his son.

A spokesman for James DiMaggio's family, Andrew Spanswick, told "We are requesting DNA samples from Hannah and anything they can get from Ethan. There are rumors Jim was the children's real father. The parents didn't marry until 2002. We think it's strange he left them so much money with no explanation. Some things that Hannah is saying on her Facebook page don't add up so far. Her latest posts are disturbing."

A spokesperson for Hannah's father Brett Anderson said in a statement: "Brett and [Christina] Anderson did not meet Mr. DiMaggio until the sixth month of Tina’s pregnancy with Hannah."

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